Why waste energy, speed and power?

With the 2017 season upon us it’s time to get fast and efficient.  70%-90% of our energy is used to fight air resistance and 80% of this drag is caused by your body.  So stop sitting up and get down on the drops and watch your average speed rise.  Tuck in and protect yourself behind the rider in front and do not waste any energy unnecessarily.

Never is aerodynamics more important than when time trialing or in a solo break.  So look at your position using photos and video and try to wherever possible reduce your frontal area as much as you can.   I like to think of it as free speed.  All you have to do is look closely, adjust your position very slightly and hey presto, without any extra power your moving forward faster.

I and a number of athletes I know have used www.aero-coach.co.uk/  @AeroCoach to great effect when trying to find those small improvements and increased efficiency when testing.  Its not cheap, but neither is a new disc wheel.  Which do you think will give you the most additional power?

So time to take another look at your position as every year we change physically and so does our position on the bike. Time to get more aero!

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