“When I started working with Alastair 7 months ago I had been time trialling for 3 seasons, including a few hill climbs. Having qualified for the UCI Gran Fondo World Champs TT in Albi I wanted to improve my performance, but had no idea how to.  Alastair undertook a thorough assessment of my fitness and background. Knowing my goals he set me daily training sessions (with rest days) to gradually increase cadence, power and speed. My time over a 10 mile TT has consequently reduced by about 1 minute.  He has given me tips on everything cycling- related, including nutrition, kit, rest and cycling related exercises. He is very supportive and patient and I can thoroughly recommend his services.”  best wishes  Sally Sept 2017


For me having a coach is not just about ‘going fastest’ it’s about training smarter.
I chose to return to being coached by Alastair due to his increasing knowledge and understanding of how the body reacts to training and what training suits a particular individual.
I have had my fair share of injuries and illness, the impact of which has been greatly reduced due to the watchful eye of Alastair.
Alastair makes training fun, he makes it interesting and importantly for me he explains what I can expect to achieve from the phases and specific sessions.
I took up cycling at the age of 40 in 2006 and started training seriously for the 2009 season. I have steadily progressed and at the age of 49 I achieved a Time Trial Age Record for 10 miles. At the age of 50 along with my Born to Bike/Bridgtown team mates we won National Time Trial Team Awards at 50 miles, 100 miles and the British Best All Rounder (BBAR).
I’m now looking forward and excited to see, with the help of Alastair’s coaching, what I can achieve in the 2017 season! Susan



Having worked with Alastair throughout 2016 I can wholeheartedly recommend his coaching services.  I knew that I wanted to start competing in time trials and also improve my cyclocross results compared to previous seasons but didn’t know how to do so.  Alastair took the time to understand what time I had available and what type of training I had used in the past in order to set a plan for the year ahead.  This was laid out in an organised calendar for the year ahead and bi-weekly phone calls ensured we were heading in the right direction.  Working with Alastair has been a hugely motivating factor both in terms of his methods but also from his personality and enthusiasm which has really spurred me on.  Now looking back at 2016 I still can’t believe by how large a margin I have exceeded my targets by. Dave



I started a training plan with Alastair back in February (2016) at the beginning of my TT season. We discussed my aims for the season and set some realistic goals so the training could be tailored to my needs. It was the first time I’d undertaken any kind of structured training and so found it a real help having each session planned out ahead of time. Alastair was able to keep the sessions varied and interesting rather than a “sit at x effort level for x amount of time, rinse and repeat” approach. He provided me with great support and positive feedback throughout the training and adjusted the plan to suit my change in available time.

It was an enjoyable experience and helped me to achieve my goals. For anyone wanting to get the most out of their training I can highly recommend Alastair’s coaching. James