2017 Race season begins this week & Time to Prepare

And so the journey begins.

After 5 months training the fun begins once again.

Just 6 days to my first Time Trial which is a 30km 2 up TT on a challenging lumpy course.

Race wheels came down from storage and tubs inflated today to check them over.

Spent 5hrs training this weekend with the TT bike on the road and now feel at one with my Colnago K Zero. Have become accustomed again to the stiff carbon frame and wheels through corners, Not quiet the same as on a turbo!

Like most ‘Testers’ I have started monitoring the weather on a daily basis and carrying out course analysis using @BestBikeSplit to optimise my power zones.

This weeks training finalised for the build up and food and hydration planned.

Route maps for driving to HQ, riding the course prior to the warm up all sorted.

New #bioracer skinsuit, trip socks, aero helmet and overshoes checked and I am just about ready.

These early season events are so important for the build to your main season events as no level of winter training can replicate the physical demands of racing. But its essential that you get a few races into your legs and become accustomed to holding an aero position and the physical and mental demands racing places upon you which will then ensure when your first A race arrives everything will fall into place.

So plan ahead, leave nothing to chance and enjoy the build up to your events.

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