In the East Riding an application to ban cycling on the A63 has been made to the highways authority.  If upheld and approved this could have a knock-on effect across the country and remove our right to ride our bikes at any time along certain stretches of the public highways.

I know this route and have raced and driven it on a regular basis visiting family in Hull.  The statistics used to show 6 accidents in 5 years and 1 fatality are weak in relation to the national statistics where in 2016 (1 year alone!) there were 102 cyclists killed on Britain’s roads, with 3,397 reported serious injuries, a total of 18,477 cycling injuries reported.

So I would encourage you all to write a letter of objection to:

The Office of the Director, Operations Directorate (Yorkshire & North East), Highways England, 3rd Floor South, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds, LS11 9AT.

Objections need to be in before 17th February when the proposal will be voted on.  By doing this I hope we can ensure current and future generations can have unlimited access to British roads and enjoy the Sport of Cycling

Below is an official message from CTT outlining more details and facts associated to this proposed CYCLING  BAN

So please take the time to write in 😊


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