Needing that little extra help to motivate you to achieve your Goals

Working with a coach can give you that.

Support, guidance and self motivation are what all of my riders gets from my Performance Plans.

Daily notification via their smart phone / computer of workouts that are varied, challenging and tailored to each individual.  Plus when to take that all important recovery day.

If you have never worked with a coach before why not give it a go, it might be the missing link you need to reach your own goals whether this be in competition or fitness and health.

The days will soon be getting shorter and we all could do with a little extra help, structure and routine to help keep us motivated and moving forward.

Link to Performance Plan Here

Thanks to all those who took part in our event on the 18th May and the many marshals and helpers from @StaffordRC and @borntobike who made it all possible

Congratulations to Keri Parton (Pro Vision Cycle Clothing) and John Lucock (Born to Bike Bridgetown Cycles) who were the fastest women and men on the day


Here is a full break down of results based on actual times and Standard times.

Reg Pearce Memorial K48_10 Results 18th May 2019

Cycling is a sport that has no barriers.

When you look at the times achieved each year and the age records set LINK 

It proves that nothing is beyond you and the only barriers stopping you achieving your goals are those you create yourself


Above – 2018 VTTA National Champions

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