I have worked with a rider for a couple of seasons now and as an experiment recently we decided to raise their saddle 3mm.

Straight away we saw an increase in power and a decrease in muscle (rectus femoris) discomfort they had been experiencing.

So, despite a bike fit 18 months ago and 12 months racing in the previous position, with good results and development, never think that everything is fixed and no change is needed.  (more…)

There is no one single thing that will bring you success.  It is the sum of all the parts together as one that will allow you to reach your goals.

  • Support from family and friends
  • Time and space to train and race
  • Structured coaching
  • Determination
  • Health
  • And a certain amount of good luck

Performance Plans help riders by providing balance and structure ensuring  training fits comfortably alongside all the other moving parts of their lives.

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