So what are you doing this weekend?

I will be spending mine with a pad of paper, lots of fresh coffee reviewing this season and thinking ahead to 2023 and outlining my Goals for the next 12 months.

To help set new Goals, with my teammate we will start by looking at what went well this year, what we will do differently next time and what was our proudest moments.  Review our previous Goals and for those we did not achieve, evaluate what prevented us from reaching these, and how we can overcome these moving forward.

It takes time but the journey can be a revealing and an exciting one.  It’s always helpful to have someone to talk through the whole process as we can often be too critical and sometimes blinkered to our own limiters.  I love this process as it’s a great motivator ahead of a long winters training period.

Just 150 days to go until I will be back out there again #legatoracingteam