There are some things we could all do more of………..

As a cyclist you develop a great aerobic level of fitness and strength but due to the limited movements our limbs make while pedaling, and the extensive time periods we spend folded up on the bike each day our flexibility suffers.

Post workout stretches are important as our muscles tighten and become shorter when we train and by stretching them out it will help reduce muscle fatigue.

In addition to the basic calves, quads and hamstrings that need stretching out after a ride the back, hip flexors and glutes are areas where cyclists are prone to become less supple and I would recommend we all find a number of simple stretches we can include throughout the day, every day to ensure our agility develops as much as our cycling skills.

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

When learning new skills it’s always good to go to a class led by a qualified instructor to ensure your posture and movements are being done correctly and more importantly to avoid injury.  Try to source classes designed specifically for cyclists if you can or speak to the instructor and ask them to include one or two movements that will help cyclists specifically.

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