Tis the Season to get Podgy

Just been to the butchers to order my Christmas turkey and realised the shops and work places are now full of mince pies and sweet treats which means that this next month is probably going to be the toughest training month of the year.

Not only do I have to motivate myself to get out there in cold and train but when indoors I have to be even more determined and motivated to say NO to all that sugary goodness that will keep calling out ‘Eat Me!’

Remember cycling is one of the best exercises for sedentary people looking to lose significant weight but not for experienced cyclists like you and me. We have adapted to the workload and there’s a limit to the extra riding time or intervals we can add to increase it. Riding more will bring your weight down, but very slowly. ‘Food’ for thought hey ………

If you gain 10lbs over the next month (easily done I promise you) then you are going to need significant calorie restriction and increased training workload in order to shed those 10lbs.

So I have a plan. Shed a few pounds now in the three weeks leading up to the hols then demonstrate some self-control when faced with festive treats and then if I do gain a couple of pounds, but just a couple mind you, then I won’t have much ground to make up in January.

I wish you all the best of luck through the tough training month that lies ahead of you.

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