Top 10 Tips for indoor training

Its time now to head indoors for some quality structured winter training and below are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your turbo sessions.

1. Use a large fan to help keep you cool. If your core temperature overheats, and it will without a fan, you will struggle to maintain power and have to work much harder than necessary to deliver the desired power or speed.
2. Have your routine/workout plan written out and placed somewhere you can easily see it. Make sure it is varied and by splitting up your session into a number of smaller blocks it will help keep you motivated and focused on the task in hand.
3. Be progressive with your workouts and build the duration and or intensity slowly to allow your body time to adapt.
4. Always ensure you pump up your rear tyre to the same pressure each time you get on the bike so you can measure your performance from week to week.
5. Sweat is extremely corrosive so ensure you have a towel or cover placed over your headset and bars to protect them, cos its going to get hot and sweaty!
6. If you have two bikes leave one set up on the turbo in the garage with a fan ready so its quick and easy to access when you want to train and no times wasted.
7. Make it scientific and test yourself over a specified time period to work out your own training zones based on speed or power.
8. Get out the saddle every 5min for a few seconds to help circulation and prevent numbness down below.
9. Always stretch out your Calves, Quads and Hamstrings after your training as they will have contracted with the effort.
10. Have a recovery drink within 20 mins of finishing your workout to aid recovery and help reduce tissue damage.

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