6 weeks only to go

For many this year’s racing season is now drawing to a close and with no more than 6 weeks left there is little time for further physical adaptation and training now focuses on maintaining your race fitness.

Time now to start reducing the volume and allow additional recovery for your muscles after a long season but all the time maintaining the intensity.  For you roadies it’s your fast twitch muscle fibres and for the testers your FTP that you need to target specifically to ensure you come into these last few events maintaining your top end speed.

It is also a good time to start to look back at the 2017 season and review your season Goals.  What you have achieved, what worked well, what you could have done better and your overall health and fitness.

Then you can begin to look forward to the 2018 season and start to map out your Goals.  Think about the type and duration of events you plan to ride, when your key races will be and from this you can begin to focus your thoughts on what will allow you to excel in those specific events.

Good luck in your last few events and @ascoaching hope there are still a few racing points and pb’s out there for you this season.

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