Pick & Mix sports nutrient – how convenient

Recently booked a sweat test with @precisionhydration  (now that’s another story) which I took at their local test center based at @komfuel.  To my surprise I discovered KOM offer a range of sports nutrients from over 40 of the leading manufactures and they will box up in any assortment or quantities to meet your own fueling needs.

They use narrow boxes that will fit through the letter box, so there is no hanging around for deliveries.  And if, like me, you have a wide variety of products you like to use but do not have the space or finances to have boxes of each product sat in the cupboard for weeks on end. Through KOM you can order 1 or 2, possibly 3 of any products in their range to meet your needs over the next week or two and then have another order arrive when your supplies run low.

What  a great idea, the simple solutions are often the best.

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