In search of Souplesse

One of the biggest gains any cyclist can make is in their pedaling efficiency – the ability to transfer energy effortlessly from their legs through the pedals propelling themselves forward.

To help develop a fluid pedaling style that appears almost effortless there are a number of simple workouts you can use as part of your active recovery days to acquire these skills.

  • Simple high cadence efforts – varying between 80 and 120+rpm for 1-10 minutes will do the trick. Mix up both the leg speed and duration to keep yourself entertained but keep the power in z2 or lower as this is all about pedaling technique rather than strength building.
  • One legged efforts have always been one of my favorites ways to develop a smooth pedaling style. Even the most skilled riders with excellent Souplesse soon discover using single leg drills which is their stronger leg as they try to maintain a smooth circular pedaling action.[/col1]

So by making this part of your year round training routine, over time we can all begin to travel further or faster for the same expenditure of energy.

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