Never mind what carbon weave your frame has. There are far more important things to consider now

With winter temperatures and wind chill most days well below freezing, see table below.  It’s the weave of the fabrics we wear that is the most significant factors effecting performance right now.  Warm muscles perform better, circulate oxygen more efficiently and our bodies do not start diverting blood to keep your core warm at the expense of your feet, legs and arms.

Thankfully there are a number of manufactures now using high density fabrics which are windproof, waterproof and breathable.  With water conducting heat 20 times more efficiently than air its essential your clothes keep you dry both inside and out reducing heat loss. Legs have traditionally been more difficult to protect but thankfully the same fabrics used for the jackets are now been used in tights.  But this all comes at a price.

So this year I have decidedif I am going to train effectively and generating good power numbers all winter, I need to invest in some of the best products on the market.  After a bit of research I made my selection and ended up paying £300 rrp for a rain jacket alone.  Sounds a lot but you would not think twice about paying this for a set of training wheels, so why not a jacket that will give you far more benefit than a cheap set of wheels?  I’ll not going to promote any one particular manufacturer but there were only two out there I could find producing top of the range jackets in bright colours, as safety is a big consideration for me, the choice was not difficult.

I have been using my new rain jacket and tights for 5 weeks now in some seriously wet and cold weather and I can definitely say the weave used in these new fabrics are fabulous and the best single investment I have ever made in cycling kit.  The tights on the market range from £85-£150rrp and all provide full protection up the front of the legs and around the glutes.  The pair I choose also has a great design feature which means in addition to the usual foot loops there is a long outer fully protected layer that pulls down over your overshoes and gives your ankles full protection from the elements.

I been amazed at how effective these new fabrics are and the comfort and warmth brings a smile to my face every time I train in them. So for anyone serious about training on this wet and windy island I would definitely recommend the investment.


Enjoy the Ride

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