TLI Cycling National Time Trail Championships 15th September 2019

We are now receiving a large number of entries for this years National Championship event hosted by Stafford Road Club on behalf of the TLI Cycling.  Entries close on the 3rd September so please get your entry in using this link http://www.tlicycling.org.uk/onlineentry.aspx?event=2758

The Time Trial is run on a 22 mile ’sporting’ course through the beautiful North Staffordshire countryside.  Entry is for road bikes only making this Race of Truth a true testament to the rider’s strength and stamina.

White Championship jerseys with Red, White and Blue bands and the TLI Cycling Logo integrated into the design will be awarded on the day to the winner of each age category.  A top accolade for any rider to wear in 2020 TLI Cycling TT events.


Please note the above event is for TLI Cycling members only and if you would like to join so you can enter this event please go to the membership page first which will activate your membership immediately and allow you to enter online.

Look forward to seeing you at this years event and if you require any further information please contact the event organiser Alastair Semple via ascoaching@outlook.com

Needing that little extra help to motivate you to achieve your Goals

Working with a coach can give you that.

Support, guidance and self motivation are what all of my riders gets from my Performance Plans.

Daily notification via their smart phone / computer of workouts that are varied, challenging and tailored to each individual.  Plus when to take that all important recovery day.

If you have never worked with a coach before why not give it a go, it might be the missing link you need to reach your own goals whether this be in competition or fitness and health.

The days will soon be getting shorter and we all could do with a little extra help, structure and routine to help keep us motivated and moving forward.

Link to Performance Plan Here

What are you going to do this year to make the difference?
To progress you need to do things a little differently.  If you follow the same routine, you will get the same results.


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