To ensure I can still run my winter training classes in a safe environment for the riders I will this year be running these through the Zwift VR cycling app .

The classes are free of charge, it’s just your own Zwift monthly subs (£12.99) that you need to pay.  I know there are quite a few of you out there who like me have started using Zwift during lock down and hopefully these classes will prove to be a nice variation and challenge for you this winter.

So starting on the 4th October 2020 on a Wednesday evening at 18:30 I will be hosting classes for Stafford Road Club members and any of our cycling friends who may wish to join us.

The training classes will be organised as a group ride where all the riders will stay together and follow the same training schedule based on your own personal levels, so we ride and complete the sessions together as a team.

To make things more sociable we will also use the free Discord phone app so we can use this to talk to each other while riding.

These Zwift group rides we have run this year have proved really successful and the software is very simple to get to grips with.  So please let me know if you are interested in taking part by emailing me at  You are welcome to join the classes at any point this winter so do not worry if you miss the start on 4th Nov.  If you need any more info again please get in touch.

After 48 weeks of training my 2020 season has finally got under way.  It’s going to be a short one mind you with just 4 Time Trial events over a four week period.

It was a bit of a shock to the system, the CTT Midlands Championship over 50 miles in a strong wind!.  Extremely well organised, signed and marshalled so felt very safe in my first race.

Having never ridden the course before I had nothing to gauge my performance on except power numbers from previous events and pleased I had Normalised Power as well as (more…)

Some interesting research by Asker Jeukendrup about what effect eating carbs in the lead up to an event has on your performance.

Turns everything on its head, and for most of us offers more flexibility in our training and racing routines, and lets hope leads to stronger performances

Read the full summary with link to the research here


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